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We provide free phone numbers for everyone. Every day we try to add more. Our service is completely free and anonymous. You do not have to register to use our temporary phone numbers. You can use them for any purpose. You can use our numbers to verify any services like Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk and many more. Every received SMS message will be shown shown on our website.

Available Countries

We have phone numbers of 9 Countries Online

Get a free phone number to receive text messages

The received text messages are available within some seconds. Just refresh the page of your chosen temporary phone number. The numbers above are virtual numbers that are temporary and disposable. That means that they are available for some days,weeks or months... but not forever! All received SMS messages are will be deleted after a some days. If you received an important message then save it on your phone or computer.

New online phone numbers every day

Every day we try to add new international phone numbers and delete all numbers that don't work anymore. Our free numbers work from everywhere and in every language (Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic etc.).

For which countries do you offer free phone numbers?

Currently we offer numbers for a lot of countries: Spain, Poland, Russia, USA, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Estonia, Lithunia and we will add more soon.

Do I need a mobile phone to use

No! You only need a internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other browser.

Are there any limitations on

No! You are allowed to use as many phone numbers as you want and receive as many text messages as you want. We do not have any usage limits.

Do I have to register an account to receive a SMS?

No! It's not neccessary to create an account. All phone numbers are for free don't need a registartion.

What is a free virtual phone number / free temporary phone number?

Tese types of numbers are also known as DIDs (direct inward dialing), a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Typically they were used to forward an incoming call to another number. Such a virtual number works like a gateway between a normal call and VoIP (Voice Over IP).

Other known names for a virtual phone number are fake phone number, temporary phone number and disposable phone number.